You need to know absolutely everything about your plant to operate efficiently and effectively. Having accurate and up to date P&IDs available is very useful for maintenance and operations. But over time, as changes are made to your plant and drawings don’t get updated, they become less and less useful. Similarly, CMMS data that doesn’t get updated as changes are made to your plant will produce the same effect. When these discrepancies occur, a company could run into some significant and costly problems. A thorough plant walkdown is the logical starting point for updating data sets at the same time.

It’s Not a Big Deal, Right?

Well, it definitely can be. Inaccurate P&IDs can become so much more than just a faulty diagram if ignored. Assets from a P&ID may be missing, placed in the wrong location, or may no longer be used within operations of the plant floor. Consequently, precious time is wasted to conduct lengthy searches for information about spare parts and maintenance procedures.

We Help with Your P&IDs and Walkdowns

A plant walkdown is the first step to updating your P&IDs and the related asset and maintenance data in your CMMS. Don’t let little mistakes cause such large consequences – our solutions utilize NRX AssetAuditors (a part of NRX AssetHub) to effectively carry out plant audits and walkdowns to ensure that your P&IDs and related asset data are up to date. With perfect P&IDs, you’ll have the matching CMMS data to accompany it, cutting down on unneeded costs and improving the overall efficiency of operations within your company. Start improving your own plant walkdown process by reaching out!

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