At HubHead, we know that NRX AssetHub is powerful and versatile software for working with EAM/CMMS asset and maintenance data.  Asset-intensive companies use it to manage all aspects of their asset data. However, by thinking outside of the box, our customers have revealed many uses for AssetHub that were not originally envisioned.  For both HubHead and our customers, we find that the necessity of a solution drives our new development.

Our customers have been thinking

Senior maintenance staff at many asset-intensive companies have worked with HubHead to better understand their business, and where they may need help. For example, one Oil and Gas enterprise needed a way to ensure they complied with performance standards for their safety-critical elements (SCEs), or safety-critical equipment (mission critical for offshore operations). They had no easy way to ensure that all of the critical equipment had the correct performance standard linked to their tagged equipment. The customer needed a way to locate missing performance standards and update revised performance standards efficiently. They also needed a way to track when compliance was assessed, and by whom. Solving these problems turned out to be easy using NRX AssetHub.

Every company we have worked with has a unique challenge. Each time, together, we discover new uses (or use cases) for our NRX AssetHub technology.

A sample of interesting use cases

The following is just a sampling of the use cases we’ve developed with our customers:

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[li]Data Quality Assessment – analyzing the state of your CMMS data  so you can get it right[/li]
[li]Asset & Maintenance Document Management – linking documents to assets to get a 360-degree view of maintenance[/li]
[li]Reliability and Performance Standards Compliance – managing safety-critical elements[/li]

[li]ISO 14224 Hierarchy Alignment – aligning your asset hierarchy with ISO 14224[/li]

[li]Visual Parts Selection – rapid, accurate, visual parts selection for a work order[/li]

[li]Visual Parts Catalog – visual parts identification[/li]

[li]Tag Allocation – assigning equipment tag numbers when constructing new equipment and facilities[/li]

[li]BOM Building from Vendor-Recommended Spare Parts Lists – quickly and easily building BOMs using approved spares from your existing catalog whenever possible[/li]

[li]Building and Reusing Task Lists Efficiently – quickly and easily building task lists and then reusing them for similar equipment across multiple facilities[/li]

[li]Maintenance Library – reusing preventive maintenance plans across multiple facilities[/li]

[li]Running a Strategic Brownfield Remediation Project – extracting data from the EAM, finding issues quickly and fixing them, tracking progress, and then merging cleansed data back into the EAM at the end of the project[/li]

[li]Standardizing Material Descriptions – automatically generating consistent material descriptions according to recognized standards[/li]

[li]Supplier Portal – letting suppliers and contractors upload asset data themselves, and giving them instant feedback whether it meets your requirements[/li]


Perhaps you have another business problem involving some aspect of asset and maintenance data? Contact us. Chances are good we can help. Or at least we can develop a new solution together.

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