What does the Super Bowl have to do with maximizing asset tag accuracy? The Philadelphia Eagles just won their first ever Super Bowl against the very talented New England Patriots. Believe it or not, automated labeling of plays was a huge factor that played into evolving the Eagles into a modern American football team. Being 84 years old and one of the NFL teams with a numerous amount of defensive and offensive plays, they could not manage their data effectively. Some plays were outdated, while some were duplicates. By using automated classification instead of the old playbook, the Eagles were able to pull off one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history!

…or maybe you don’t have to believe that!

Thousands of asset tags are used by asset-intensive businesses to organize and track their equipment in an effective way. Accuracy is very important to asset-intensive companies because it helps identify and track their equipment. Organizations must be able to easily find the location of their assets, who interacts with them, how many they have and what maintenance must be done.

Consequences of Poor Tagging

Manual entry of data that a tag requires takes up a lot of time and can lead to human error such as duplicated, inconsistent or missing tags. Redoing drawing to correct tagging error is expensive. Tags are also important for classification and how to find other pertinent information which is why it is highly important tag names reflect a well understood naming convention. If or when there is a human error, companies are required to retag all equipment or redo drawings. The consequences of poor tagging are very drastic and costly for any asset-intensive company.

A Better Solution for Maximizing Asset Tag Accuracy?

Some asset-intensive companies adopt naming conventions for asset tags to make it easier to identify important information. However, these businesses usually struggle with the tag creation and maintaining their uniqueness. Without an automated system, this can get very complicated.

To automate the process of reserving and assigning the asset tags requires an automated workflow process for equipment tag allocation. In this system, you can have multiple levels of approval. Requests can be rejected, or approvers can request additional information. This minimizes any confusion between personnel and is easy to follow.

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