Asset-intensive companies often have a hard time finding maintenance documents in their enterprise document management systems. Integration between maintenance processes that are based on EAM/CMMS workflows and document management systems can be difficult. Many asset-intensive companies would like to integrate their EAM/CMMS system with an enterprise document management solution but don’t know how to.

Here are some common issues that companies face with their document management systems

  1. Requiring maintenance staff to use multiple systems to find all of the information they need.
  2. Lack of a visual interface for navigating through documents in the document management system
  3. Out of date indexing that makes it harder to find documents in the document management system
  4. Not knowing how to handle the challenge of re-organizing and re-indexing documents in the document management solution when the asset data changes

Integrating EAM/CMMS processes with document management can increase your wrench time by 25% and increase maintenance productivity by an average of 25%.  Let’s take a closer look.

A master data management system will automatically organize and index maintenance documents into the corporate DMS and save wrench time and increasing company productivity. This will allow you to load your documents into the corporate DMS individually or in bulk with ease. It provides a simpler user interface, so maintenance personnel can manually enter document attributes.

It is also necessary for a master data management system to easily keep the organization and indexes up to date when assets or asset attributes change. This ensures that search indexes of maintenance documents remain in sync with their assets and updates the indexes automatically as asset or asset attributes change. With up to date indexes, your company will ultimately increase their wrench time and productivity as well.

To increase your wrench time and productivity even more, your maintenance workers should be able to easily locate the latest engineering data and drawings. When maintenance personnel can easily link drawings, photos, manuals, engineering data and other maintenance documents and connect them with the assets to which they apply in the EAM system, it automatically increases their wrench time. They will be able to quickly and easily view engineering drawings and designs from work orders in an EAM system.

NRX AssetHub is a complete solution for a 360-degree view of EAM and CMMS maintenance documents!

NRX AssetHub, in combination with document management and engineering content management solutions, provides our customers with end-to-end management of key documents and engineering data for their assets. NRX AssetHub manages the organization and indexing of the documents, ensuring they are indexed and organized correctly in the Document Management System, and associates the documents with their appropriate assets in NRX AssetHub and in the CMMS or EAM system. Maintenance workers can then access the applicable documents directly from work orders in their EAM system. Users can be confident that the latest engineering drawings, photos, or manuals for their assets are catalogued and associated directly with their applicable assets in their EAM or CMMS system.

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