Yes! You heard us, better maintenance BOMs will save your companies’ life. But what is a bill of material exactly? Well, in an EAM system, an equipment BOM captures spare part information for a piece of equipment. This information is used during maintenance to determine the correct spare parts to replace. In an asset intensive company, not only do you want better maintenance Bills of Materials to maintain your equipment, but it’s also highly important that you have accurate maintenance BOMs. Why? Because it’ll help you save money! When the time is taken to build BOMs properly, your maintenance personnel can quickly locate the required parts, which will ultimately increase wrench time too.

So what is considered a good solution to help you build better maintenance BOMs? Your solution must…

  1. Lower the cost of building maintenance BOMs

A good solution must help your company lower the cost of building maintenance BOMs by allowing you to create, edit, visualize, review and approve maintenance BOMs efficiently. It should also ensure that your corporate standards and naming conventions for BOMs and materials are adhered to by both employees and contractors as well.

  1. Quickly identify the correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work orders

Your solution must be able to help your maintenance personnel save time by easily identifying which parts are required to complete a work order. Having a visual parts selection will also make it very easy for planners and workers to select the correct part!

  1. Easily monitor the progress of a BOM building project

To help you build better BOMs, your solution must allow you to easily monitor the progress of the project. You want to be able to oversee, review and report on your progression on a continuous basis. When you can monitor your contractors, you will be able to reduce service fees and ensure high-quality, timely deliverables.

  1. Reduce the costs associated with duplicate parts

Your solution should also help you list all parts that match the search criteria from your existing list of parts. You will then be able to select the appropriate match, which avoids the creation of duplicate parts.

Looking for a solution that can help you build better and more accurate BOMs? We can help! We help our customers reduce the time it takes to build accurate BOMs by at least 50% by making the process visual. We also help our customers increase wrench time by 25% by making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find information.

If you would like to learn more about how NRX AssetHub can assist your organization, contact us at 1-877-603-4679 or book a meeting today!

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