Take a sip of coffee for every one of the below that you have experienced, and maybe once you are done you will have enough energy to solve your maintenance and reliability problems. Repost with what number you got; chances are other people can relate!

  • All of your maintenance activities are scheduled to a default time (for example 1 hour) resulting in inaccurate maintenance scheduling
  • You’ve spent more time searching for maintenance information than you spend performing the maintenance
  • You scheduled downtime or maintenance, but the spare parts needed either were not the correct ones, or they didn’t arrive in time
  • Due to scheduling issues you had to wait for a qualified technician, which held back regular operations
  • Your vendor/supplier recommendations are missing/outdated
  • You have performed unnecessary parts replacement due to inadequate maintenance optimization
  • You are still performing inspections on paper
  • You have serious concern for environmental, health, and safety issues as a result of poor management
  • There’s a high possibility that the spare parts you need are in the warehouse somewhere, but it would take a long time to find them and so you usually just order new
  • Your failure rate is much higher than it should be
  • The quality and quantity of throughput is no where close to where it should be
  • Reliability analysis such as RCM, RBI, and FMEA is almost impossible to determine due to the quality or availability of data
  • You or your maintenance crew work overtime at least 3 days a week
  • Emergency work is the main reason why you are behind on planned work
  • Doing nothing is unfortunately your go-to improvement plan
  • You rely heavily on spreadsheets as opposed to data and functions provided by your CMMS or EAM system
  • You have no governance system in place to enforce data standards on incoming data
  • All the relevant data for one item such as parts data, BoMs, and maintenance documents are not stored in the same place
  • After repairs or replacement, the EAM is often not updated. Thus, when you need the information it is not there
  • Your asset hierarchy fails to go down to the lowest maintainable level
If You Have 10 or Less

You’re doing okay, much better than most! But chances are if you have experienced multiple, it’s only a matter of time before you experience others. This is because the root cause of all of these problems comes down to the quality of your data.

If You Have 10 to 15

This is more than you should be comfortable with! Your job may be described as “fighting fires” or “sitting in rush hour traffic.” On the bright side, any improvement or change no matter how small will make a big difference! You just have to start somewhere.

If You Have More Than 15

Well you might be needing a little more than coffee!

How NRX AssetHub Can Help?

We provide maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems.

Reach out to get started on your data quality journey today.

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