With the ever-increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in industries across the map, it comes as no surprise that these phenomena have found their way into EAM data solutions.

Asset-intensive companies in particular stand to embrace this evolution in their process, as it improves their productivity and efficiency. Key advancements in automation and usage of real-time data make significant leaps and bounds in improving data accuracy and quality; two aspects that are high on the list of priorities for these types of firms.

But what happens when the IIoT meets EAM? What are some of the key developments that have come out of such an integration?


Faster Insight

By integrating an EAM system and IIoT, it allows companies to determine issues with their assets, and take necessary action. The development of real-time data provides real-time feedback that gives maintenance workers the tools they need to respond to emerging problems immediately, rather than when it becomes critical to their overall operations. Considering how the rest of the world relies so heavily on instantaneous response, EAM solutions should be no different.



Another key outcome of the merging of IIoT and EAM is the feature of configuration. Newer CMMS or updated existing ones are rolling out functions that allow employees to customize the software. This increases productivity since it allows companies to mould the software they work with around key features that are needed most. This could be anything from linking inspection reports to the asset hierarchy to making IIoT condition monitoring available to schedulers and planners. Having those components in an EAM further promotes the prospect of increased productivity.


Instant Business Value

The third and probably most noticeable development with such a partnership between IIoT and EAM is the idea of instant business value. This is the concept that suggests through IIoT, companies are able to see the return on business value instantaneously. It encourages further adoption and integration of IIoT influenced EAM solutions, as these firms are able to visualize the effect it has on their operations relatively quickly. This might lead them to want to upgrade their services in a shorter time span or to purchase additional products for other factories and warehouses they might have.


How Can NRX Help?

NRX AssetHub is a software solution that integrates with your EAM or CMMS. By adopting the latest advances in IIoT with EAM compatibilities in mind, we help our clients get their data right. We focus on configuration and cloud computing to ensure that our services are tailored to each of our customers and that their employees are able to handle their data needs any time, anywhere. If you would like to learn more, Book a Demo or contact us at 1-877-603-4679.

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