Asset-intensive companies require maintenance BOMs to find and order spare parts that are needed to maintain assets. This will help you save money and increase wrench time by allowing your maintenance personnel can quickly locate required parts. What are some issues that companies with poor maintenance BOMs face?

Difficulty of identifying correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work orders:

For any asset-intensive company, time is money. Poor maintenance BOMs can waste maintenance workers time trying to identify what parts are needed to complete a worker order. A bad BOM will   consist of complicated text descriptions of parts in the EAM system making it difficult for workers to order, identify, or select the correct part quickly and accurately which wastes time and also results in misordered parts.

High costs of building BOMs:

Asset intensive companies face high costs with the use of spreadsheets or the EAMto build BOMs as they are not using a productivity tool such as AssetHub. Through a productivity tool, companies should be able to easily search the criteria of all the existing parts. A BOM building solution that allows for easy parts matching allows companies to avoid the creation of duplicate parts.

Lack of oversight on progress of a BOM building project:

During a work-in-progress, companies often want the ability to have supervision over the progress of the project that is currently being worked on. A BOM building project is no different. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get an accurate report of issues with EAM data related to BOMs and very problematic to supervise and direct third party contractors who are building BOMs.

How to build better BOMs

Fortunately, there exists a solution to assist asset-intensive companies with these issues. NRX AssetHub allows you to create, edit, visualize, review, and approve maintenance BOMs efficiently. The NRX AssetHub solution is highly visual and allows for easy identification and selection of the parts required.

Through AssetHub, you can simply copy and paste equipment and related maintenance pieces (including BOMs) so that you can recycle BOMs for equipment that are identical or similar. AssetHub is programmed with a variety of BOMs and will suggest appropriate BOMs for any given equipment. Through validation rules, you can maintain corporate standards and ensure naming conventions are implemented accurately.

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