Out with the Old

Maintenance BOMs are vital to an organization’s oversight on required spare parts needed to maintain equipment in your facilities. Older legacy systems possess enormous lists of spare parts that are difficult to simplify and categorize for faster searching.

As mentioned, older systems are packed with information that isn’t practical for deciphering quickly. This can create discrepancies that will impact a warehouse’s ability to assess inventory accurately and replace parts accordingly.

Adopting BOMs

Therefore, creating and maintaining BOMs can offer companies an advantage in looking up spare parts information easily and planning work.

BOMs can provide organizations tools to better visualize and organize spare parts data that makes it easier for planners to find spare parts. This also empowers organizations to easily review and edit inventories of spare parts for critical equipment without having to search endlessly through a long list.


How NRX AssetHub Can Help You

NRX AssetHub shortens downtime when searching for key maintenance data. By employing new tools to help visualize, edit, and review maintenance parts information. Its integration into the cloud also supports larger operations involving numerous locations to communicate using the same familiar interface. To learn more about how we can help to build or improve BOMs, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.

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