A successful transition to a new EAM/CMMS system can be a time and resource saver for your maintenance operations. However, to make this entire process worth the investment, your asset master data needs to be accurate. Here are several considerations worth considering about improving asset master data before beginning an EAM migration.

Adding any Missing Maintainable Items and Removing Decommissioned Assets

This is mentioned repeatedly, but cleaning up your master asset register is key. Having accurate asset data further empowers maintenance professionals to trust the new EAM/CMMS system once the new system is implemented. One way of accomplishing this is by proactively review drawings of your assets.   Another way is to review the engineering project handover information for your assets.  Both of these methods are more cost effective than walking down assets in the field to capture asset information.


Implementing Standard Naming Conventions

Next, it’s time to make your asset master data easier on the eyes. However, this isn’t just a cosmetic fix to your data list. Adopting standard naming conventions can save a lot of time searching for specific items with less obvious naming tags. Moving towards a more intuitive naming convention system will help maintenance technicians locate assets in the system much faster. After all, professionals shouldn’t have to guess what an asset is when it’s already named – especially after transitioning to a better EAM/CMMS system.


Classifying Equipment with Key Characteristics

Capturing the key characteristics of different equipment types delivers substantial benefits. This can help maintenance technicians understand the assets quickly and determine appropriate replacements.  It is also essential for efficient criticality analysis and the collection and analysis of reliability data.


Marking Down Key Attributes

Lastly, it’s critical to enter key attributes pertaining to all the assets in the system. Including basic attributes such as the model and serial number will save time and money for maintenance operations.


How We Can Help You

Want to learn more about improving asset and maintenance master data and what’s worth considering to ensure success after an EAM migration? Feel free to book a demo with us or download our brochure for more!


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