You may have heard the term ‘hitting the wall’ stemming from the running community, which is the equivalent to bonking for cycling. It’s a feeling of sudden fatigue and loss of energy, usually caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in your body and it doesn’t feel good in any way shape or form. Just as if it was your business operations, getting to a point where you could no longer go any further no matter how much effort you gave. It’s not somewhere you want to be as you always want to find a way to improve your ROI.

This past Sunday was the final stage of the 101st edition of the Giro d’Italia. The 3-week stage race has pro tour riders travel all over Italy totaling a staggering 3574km (2221mi). Stage 19 is where things got quite interesting in the overall standings. The British rider Simon Yates started off the stage in first but 92km into the stage Yates started to struggle after being dropping by other GC (general classification) riders. It was a disastrous day after he hit his limit, losing nearly 40 minutes on his competitors placing him all the way to down to 18th overall.

The same thing can happen with your business, where your data quality hinders performance. Your business operations start to change and not always in your favor. Financial benefits start to stall and production is no longer at its peak. It’s not a sign that your initiatives won’t pay off but rather a sign that you need to shift your thinking and look for technologies that help improve your ROI.

Even the best in the world struggle to maintain themselves in the times that matter most. However, your asset data. It should always be optimized to its fullest potential to give your business the best output there is. Even if your company has hit the so-called data wall, there is always a solution to allow your company to start improving its operational performance again.


How NRX can help improve your ROI

Organizations that use the NRX AssetHub platform experience increased productivity, increased efficiencies, and cost savings in virtually all aspects of maintenance and operations. We help our customers save in a number of ways. Some of the ways we help are increasing wrench time by at least 25%, making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find information. We also help our customers save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build, as well as reducing manual processes for material requisitions by up to 50%. To learn more about how we could still help your company improve ROI when you’ve hit your data quality limit, read here or book a meeting with us today!

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