Many asset-intensive companies need help with keeping up with the current practices of EAM & CMMS. With poorly implemented and configured EAM/CMMS solutions, organizations lose out on productivity improvements they were initially promised, putting them behind others in their industry.

These are some considerations you should make when evaluating the performance of your EAM/CMMS system against others in the industry.

Consistent Standards

The best practice for most organizations is to follow a consistent standard on all documented information across all their locations. When standards are constant for documentation like naming conventions, failure codes, equipment classes, criticality, BOMs, etc., it can streamline the process of finding information and reporting on specific equipment issues ahead of time, which prevents loss of revenue in the long run.

However, asset intensive businesses with multiple users, plants, and business units often need to be aware of the inconsistencies in their standards across these different locations. As such, this brings unneeded variability in data and a loss of valuable information that can be used to improve return on assets (RoA) and operational efficiency.

Storing Accurate Information

It is essential to ensure your system stores accurate information about maintainable assets, vendors, asset make, model make, serial numbers, etc.. When recorded correctly, maintenance teams can plan, schedule, and execute work much more quickly and efficiently.

Even so, organizations commonly encounter a problem: asset information in their EAM/CMMS  not matching the information in their engineering systems and drawings.


Providing the maintenance team with access to accurate asset information in the EAM/CMMS means they have more wrench time to address actual maintenance issues.

How HubHead Can Help You

These are only a couple of factors to look for of many issues that may be hidden within an EAM/CMMS system. It can be challenging to diagnose these issues, especially if you are still figuring out where to start. However, HubHead can help you out!

Benchmarking is a service we provide to assess the usage and performance of your EAM/CMMS system against your internal guidelines and best practices within the industry. Book a meeting or download our brochure; one of our consultants would be happy to help you.


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