For several weeks, it’s become seemingly impossible to obtain any kind of reputable medical masks. With Wuhan being devastated by COVID-19 (otherwise known as “Coronavirus”) in such a short period of time, the demand for medical masks has increased astronomically. In an attempt to prevent the spread and maintain the health of individuals, these demands have not only risen within China, but across the globe too. Companies are coping with the pressures of high production rates but are currently failing to meet requests. This begs the question: Were companies unprepared to face these drastic changes in product demands?

Weathering the Storm

Companies have been able to ramp up in terms of production relatively quickly. According to the China Global Television Network (CGTN), factories have began producing around 20 million masks every day to fulfill demand – even this rate of production is not high enough. Given the shortages of masks in China, companies are trying to reach out overseas to gain necessary supplies to continue production. In the United States, prominent companies such as Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens are struggling to keep any stock of medical masks available in stores, displaying the severity of discrepancy between supply and demand.

Could the current situation be different if companies were more prepared? What more could they have done? It all begins with a company’s data. Having a company’s data nearly perfected would have made a surge to this degree much more bearable to undertake. Knowing what your assets and machinery are capable of producing, where to obtain alternative parts for products, and optimizing uptime all play a significant role in adapting to changing demands.

How to Prepare

Even with a company’s best efforts, its rate of production will always be lower than what it potentially could be if data quality is poor. Being able to meet high demand with an appropriate amount of supply is not only important to a company’s success, but to those who are in need of those products. At HubHead, we help with the upkeep of high quality asset and maintenance data. We service and maintain equipment more efficiently, make parts selection seamless, and keep your production running efficiently. When demands rise, you need to be ready. Contact us to book a demo and see what high quality asset and maintenance data can do for your company.

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