A sparkling clean data foundation is the best gift you can give your organization this holiday season! The gift of organizing your asset hierarchy for a better data foundation can bring festive cheer to your organization by making everyone’s work better and more productive. Here is a list of all the presents that a good EAM/CMMS can bring to your business. 


Worker Productivity

​Restructure and redecorate your asset hierarchies for the gift of time for December! To ensure everyone gets ample time to spend the holidays with their families, projects should be finished on time, and one way to do that is to boost worker productivity. With a stable data foundation, you will find that your organization needs less time to find documents and basic details. The basic asset details, such as equipment model and serial number, should be readily available in your EAM/CMMS otherwise, time and money can be wasted searching in the field for easily accessible information.


Better Reporting

A good data foundation and asset hierarchy also help with reporting issues in your organization. Better reports are also a great present to your organization because they can give it the ability to generate reports for better data-driven decisions. A good record of your asset’s performance data can help plan a suitable maintenance schedule to reduce the production downtime that occurs during maintenance. Reports about what tends to fail can save money by fixing the problem before it occurs. An unexpected machine failure from under maintenance can be much more deadly than regularly scheduled downtimes. Over-maintenance can also result in more spending than initially budgeted for. Give your organization the gift of detailed reports to prevent any mishaps with maintenance.



Standardize your asset hierarchies to receive the gift of reliable data. Standardizing your EAM/CMMS data is excellent for data reliability and consistent communication. Having standards can help mitigate the risk of unreliable equipment and keep your production quality high by keeping your EAM/CMMS data accurate and reliable. Standardization can also facilitate communication between plants, internal employees, and external vendors, as everyone can understand the standardized naming conventions. Read more about standardizing your asset hierarchy at “Should I align my asset hierarchy with a standard” for more information.


NRX AssetHub’s Gift to You 

NRX AssetHub can allow you to:

  1. Quickly view and edit your asset hierarchies
  2. Generate reports on master data compliance and completeness from your EAM/CMMS data instantly
  3. Help keep your asset hierarchy consistent to a standard

If you are interested in giving your organization the gift of a good data foundation, download one of our asset hierarchy brochures or book a demo with our team to start the process!


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