Restructuring the hierarchy of assets in your CMMS system so they align with ISO standards is no trivial task. In asset-intensive industries, there can be a lot of complex data to restructure, and most CMMS systems do not provide an easy way to visualize and restructure asset hierarchies.
To help you visualize and easily complete this important restructuring task, NRX has developed solutions that complement EAM and CMMS applications. NRX AssetHub helps you do the following:

1) Easily Align Asset Hierarchies with ISO 14224 Guidelines. AssetHub provides a staging area where an easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop objects into the correct place in a visual hierarchy. The copy and paste functionality makes it easy to replicate common data.

2) Quickly Identify Any Equipment that Does Not Comply with ISO Guidelines. AssetHub uses rules to determine adherence to the ISO 14224 standard, and flags any objects that do not comply with ISO rules. Users can search for anomalies and take corrective action. Intelligent search capabilities make locating any object in the hierarchy simple.

3) Take Advantage of Out-of-the-Box ISO 14224 Classes and Characteristics shipped with NRX AssetHub. AssetHub makes it easy to assign ISO 14224 classes because it includes compliant classes and characteristics for equipment and functional locations. Simply load the classes into AssetHub. The visual user interface helps you quickly assign classes and characteristics to objects. AssetHub provides intelligent suggestions to speed the process of associating classes with equipment and recommends matches for equipment with similar properties. Copy and paste functionality helps apply changes to groups of objects quickly and easily.

4) Easily Track the Progress of your ISO Hierarchy Project. As your project progresses, AssetHub’s intelligent filtering can be used to locate any equipment with missing data. The Data Quality Analysis report measures both completeness and accuracy, and can quickly identify any missing or incorrect data. Comprehensive audit reports provide a record of all changes.

5) Export new Hierarchy Data to Load into an EAM, CMMS, or RCM System. AssetHub exports data in formats ready to load into any EAM, CMMS, or even RCM system. When your ISO project is completed, or throughout the project, you can easily export data, and resynchronize it to your CMMS or EAM system, ready for the next phase of ISO 14224 implementation.

If you would like to see a demo of how NRX AssetHub can help with restructuring asset hierarchies, give us a call.
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