Use your asset hierarchy to freeze your equipment at peak condition! Having your equipment at peak condition forever is the dream of many asset-intensive companies as it optimizes your production processes. However, many people need to learn how to keep their equipment frozen in its best condition. An asset hierarchy is a great tool to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

Scheduling Maintenance Correctly

If you want to extend your equipment usage life, you have to schedule regular preventive maintenance. This keeps your equipment from randomly breaking down and ruining perfectly good assets for future use. It also costs a lot more to fix equipment that has already broken down than planning regular maintenance to keep it running. Using an asset hierarchy can help with criticality analysis and determine which asset is critical to your operations and which asset is the most prone to failure and needs more maintenance. Commit to a good maintenance plan to maintain your assets at total capacity.


Keeping Detailed Records

Knowing how to keep good records of all your assets and the maintenance performed on them is a good practice for freezing your assets in peak condition. The past data includes performance and failure data; you can look at the data to make better maintenance schedules to improve equipment conditions. You will need those records to schedule good maintenance again. Detailed asset records also need to include manufacturer manuals and instructions. Follow the instructions in the manufacturer manuals to keep your equipment maintained and running smoothly.


Inspect for Signs of Wear

Don’t forget to inspect your equipment regularly to ensure the wear doesn’t corrode your perfectly operable equipment down to non-working units. Conduct plant walk-downs, check for any wear on them, and fix it immediately if it’s a critical piece of equipment in your operations. An asset hierarchy should be keeping track of all your equipment, so you would know where every critical piece of equipment is that you must keep a strict eye on.


NRX AssetHub for Equipment Maintenance

To ensure your equipment is frozen at its best condition, use NRX AssetHub to organize and standardize your asset hierarchy. NRX AssetHub will allow you to visualize your hierarchies and keep detailed records of past maintenance, failure, and performance data. Our software can also generate reports on the fly so you can visually see the data points to be analyzed. If you’re interested in adopting new software to organize your EAM/CMMS solutions download our brochures or book a demo to get started!


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