As organizations recognize the significance of asset maintenance and its impact, companies are increasingly incorporating it in their strategic initiatives. Better and effective maintenance strategies help improve operational efficiency, prevent equipment downtime, and extend the life of the asset. Companies looking to implement the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into their asset maintenance system need to take essential steps to prepare, in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer. 

Understand Each Asset’s Value

Just implementing hundreds of sensors to every asset in the organization will not drive IIoT benefits. Instead, you will need to focus on the specific instances which best fit your industry and your organization. The digital transformation promises many benefits but most are associated with optimizing availability and reliability. Understanding which assets are of most importance will help you understand your process and performance management system better and ultimately improve the output of IIoT.

Build a Business Case and Define a Plan

To drive any transformation, whether digital or otherwise, it is critical to have a defined plan. You need to identify where you are and what you need to do, to get you where you want to be. This piece is essential. Organizations that have a strong business case in place will be better positioned to take advantage of what IIoT offers. The superior knowledge of your assets will ensure that you aim your sensing investments to where they’ll have the greatest impact on value.

Get Everyone Involved

Once that plan is defined, share it widely because only collaboration and working together will make it a success. People are a critical piece of the puzzle when attempting to make major changes in your organization, which is why it is important to get them involved early on. Every person in your organization has a stake in the company objectives and if this initiative is aligned with those objectives, they have a stake in this too. Not everybody in the organization needs to be an expert on asset management, but they should understand the principles around it and why making improvements in the area benefit the company. Wherever you are in your digital transformation, it needs to be a cultural shift that is built into the organization as it grows.

The digital transformation to IIoT requires more than adopting new technologies. It requires changes to processes, information management and most importantly people. Without an effective system to manage asset information, you will not be successful in adopting IIoT.

How NRX Can Help You Implement IIoT

We help our customers plan where and how to implement IIoT and condition monitoring for maintenance and operations. Our NRX AssetHub solution helps customers manage their asset and maintenance data required to successfully implement IIoT across all their key systems including manufacturing, production, DCS, EAM, CMMS, reliability and other systems. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you implement IIoT read more here or contact us to book a meeting! 

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