EAM migrations are no fool-proof feat. Any EAM implementation is challenging and requires time, capital, and resources. Moreover, EAM migrations need to be planned to ensure success. Below are a few often overlooked areas that should be taken into account when planning an EAM/CMMS migration or upgrade.

Bad Asset and Maintenance Master Data

The asset data you’re transferring mustn’t be already problematic when starting a migration. Migrating from an older system requires considering that the format may not be compatible with the new EAM system.  In addition, maintainable items are often missing from the list of assets and the naming conventions might not make it easy for maintenance workers using the EAM/CMMS to find assets.  To ensure EAM/CMMS migration success, make sure that the asset and maintenance master data is cleansed and optimized sufficiently before loading it into the new system.


No Plan, Mo’ Problems

As mentioned earlier, EAM migrations aren’t simple projects. They’re lengthy, can be costly, and require careful planning and accuracy to see the final product succeed. A successful EAM migration involves adhering to defined corporate standards that align with the data and organizational goals. Choosing the correct methodology for migrating EAM data, identifying potential issues that may occur later on, and picking the right team are other aspects of planning that must be focused on. Often, companies don’t leave enough time for a proper master data migration in their project plan or mistakenly assume that there are maintenance and reliability workers with enough spare time to assist with the master data preparation.


Leaving Enough Time for Sufficient Testing

The new EAM/CMMS system should be tested extensively before finalizing an organization’s transition. It is better to malfunction during testing than when the EAM system is needed during production use.


How We Can Help

HubHead’s solutions and services can help you cleanse your asset and maintenance master data during the migration project to ensure success and allow you to set high expectations that are capable of being met. Want to learn more about how to achieve successful EAM migrations? Book a demo or download our brochure for more!


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