Transitioning from one EAM/CMMS system is an opportunity to improve maintenance productivity and efficiency. Reviewing and rationalizing your PMs is a great place to start. Here are a few checks and considerations worth examining before migrating to your the new EAM/CMMS system.

Reviewing Maintenance Tasks for Accuracy to Improve Scheduling

Accurate scheduling is only possible if you have accurate estimated times for maintenance tasks to complete.  Reviewing your estimates to compare against actuals and correcting the estimates is a very useful exercise.


Track Costs and Roll-up Costs more Effectively

Many companies create PMs against large areas or against the entire site itself!  This is not helpful for tracking and rolling up costs effectively.  It’s also not useful for equipment reliability analysis.  Making sure your PMs are tracked at the right level of the asset hierarchy is very useful improvement in connection with a migration. This helps ensure reliability data for critical equipment is tracked alongside the equipment facilitating reliability analysis.


Benefits of Improving Preventative Maintenance Plans

There are numerous immediate and long-term benefits of robust preventative maintenance plans.


  1. Improved equipment reliability
  2. Reduced unplanned downtime due to sudden equipment failure
  3. Minimizes the number of major repairs
  4. Increases life expectancy of important assets
  5. Improves the safety and efficiency of a manufacturing workplace


How We Can Help

Want to learn more about EAM migrations or preventative maintenance (PM) plans that could save you some of the hardship of poorly maintained assets? Consider downloading our brochure or booking a demo so our team can help you!


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