Sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint have been global priorities for years. When it comes to change, the limelight has unfortunately been focused on asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas. Great innovation comes at a great cost, while the goal may be reducing emissions associated with operations, there are places where you can go green, and save money in the process.

One of these areas is your EAM data. While some companies have already adopted electronic solutions to handle their maintenance processes, there are still many that are on the fence. Whether you are a business looking to upgrade or new to digitizing operations, there are many opportunities to digitize. Here are some ways that you can promote sustainable and renewable initiatives and why you should get started if you haven’t already.

Goodbye Clipboards, Hello Computers.

One of the more practical benefits of a CMMS is that it drastically reduces the number of hard copies of data that you may have stored away. By digitizing more of your processes, you eliminate the need to have them in paper form or from making any more physical documents. This will improve logistics, promote efficiency and even increase wrench time. Furthermore, most digitalization solutions include a mobile capability, allowing you to access your maintenance related information anytime, anywhere. You can read about our take on this here.

Take Stock, of your Stock.

Spare parts are essential to conducting maintenance operations. Many CMMS recognize this and offer ways to facilitate and automate the purchase of them. This prevents misordering or mismanagement, which in turn reduces inventory, unnecessary deliveries and downtime. Another common feature in EAM systems is the ability to track assets and spare parts. This also has a positive effect on sustainability, since less time is wasted attempting to locate inventory, and with searching and transporting pre-existing items.

Keep to your Standards:

Asset-intensive companies typically need to comply with safety and environmental standards. They help maintain a positive industrial image and ensure an acceptable degree of safety. Good software helps organize your data effectively, making it easier for employees to comply with standards. When it comes to environmental regulations, having a digital solution can help keep you on task.

How We Can Help:

NRX AssetHub is a data solution that helps asset-intensive companies to cleanse, optimize and migrate their data. Our software integrates with leading EAM systems such as SAP and Maximo to promote efficiency and productivity. We help get our client’s data right. If you would like to know more about how we can help with regulatory standards and keep your sustainable goals on track,  book a demo or contact us at 1-877-603-4679.

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