Efficiency, effectiveness, and good data are the three main ingredients for an asset-intensive company’s success. Living in an increasingly digitized era means things are always changing and businesses must be kept on their toes to stay in the game. You may think the way your company is currently operating is at maximum efficiency. Try taking that one step further and asking yourself how your company can out-perform itself and become even more efficient.

When fulfilling work orders the rule of thumb is the quicker the better. However, the speed of operations should not jeopardize the quality of output. The truth is, your company’s current way of locating assets may not be the most productive because one thing is missing, and that is visualization. Here are three tips on how your organization can use visualization to improve maintenance procedures.

Use graphs, charts, or maps to present your data

Generally speaking, it is easier for the human brain to digest clear images as opposed to long lists of words and numbers. Presenting your data in a visual format will also make it easier to identify KPIs or important trends. Having access to this kind of information anytime, anywhere equips maintenance professionals with the tools to make strategic maintenance decisions for the future.

Adopt a visual selection method

Making maintenance more visual not only makes it easier to find information for work orders, it also leaves little room for error because maintenance technicians can add an exploded parts diagram to the relevant asset. This makes it much easier to locate the right part or information in a timely manner as opposed to scrolling through a tedious lost and most likely having to sift through duplicates.

Locate asset with visual plant maps

Oftentimes, asset-intensive companies experience operational delays because of their inability to quickly pinpoint the physical location of their assets. Using maps to detail the precise location of each asset allows maintenance technicians to quickly drill down to the exact location of a physical asset within a facility. Incorporating visual plant maps reduce the time spent searching for information and improve response times in emergency situations.

The NRX solutions include robust visualization features allowing users to thoroughly review and analyze data. If you would like to learn more about how NRX solutions help users reach optimal effectiveness and efficiency with their data feel free to book a demo and we would be happy to help!

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