Do you know the state of your data? Is it accurate and complete? How much of it is usable and how much of it needs to be cleansed?

Most of our customers don’t have a quick answer to these questions. You may understand that there are issues with your data usability, but are unaware of the magnitude of inaccuracies in your CMMS or EAM system. This can cause inefficient downtime, slow audits and wrench time wasted on admin. Without being able to pinpoint the areas that are causing the most issues, it is very tedious and time-consuming to fix them. Additionally, without knowing the magnitude of the problem, it is hard to present your case to justify the need for a solution.

If you don’t already run data quality reports, this article will discuss why you should. If you do, keep reading to find out what insights you should be gaining to make the most out of your reports.

1. Identify Gaps and Inaccuracies

Get to the bottom of the completeness and quality of your asset and maintenance data. Use the data quality report to identify missing data, as well as the completeness of each project. Before you run the report, you can set criteria as to what qualifies as high quality and complete data. Reports like the one generated by NRX Assethub will highlight any gaps and anomalies so that they can be quickly fixed.

2. Track Compliance with Standards

Industry and corporate standards are commonly required for asset and maintenance data. The data quality report can help you analyze compliance with these standards, and will identify and prioritize areas of concern. Many companies choose to comply with standards such as ISO 14224 and ISO 15926. NRX Assethub will analyze data compliance with standards, and will also provide a complete audit trail with accountability and verification of certain changes.

3. Monitor Progress of a Data Build or a Cleanse

Have an accurate answer ready to go when someone asks for an update on the current data build project or data cleanse. This is possible by using a data quality report that provides real-time updates. Use it to determine the number of objects loaded into the system and the completeness of that data. Where data is incomplete, the report can be used to automate additions. NRX Assethub is proven to save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build.

4. Communicate with Consultants and Contractors

It’s a common misconception that data quality issues can be solved quickly and simply by just hiring a consultant. Use the data quality report to identify issues in your master data that are generally difficult to measure and communicate. You can also use the report to track the progress and outcome of the contractor’s work so that you can ensure you get what you are paying for.

We can Help

NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a powerful Data Quality Report that quickly and easily identifies the gaps and inaccuracies in their CMMS data. It also reports on non-compliances and operational integrity issues. Our customers rely on our solution to highlight asset and maintenance data inadequacies and provide easy to follow recommendations for fixing and improving the quality of their data. Find out more about the NRX Assethub data quality report here.

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