If you’ve read part one of our blog on the benefits of data cleansing solutions, you would know that sometimes it’s much more efficient to outsource your capital projects to experts than to do-it-yourself. This blog covers the list of benefits that we didn’t go over in our first iteration, so if you’re interested in reading part one to find out what other benefits a data cleansing solution has, click here.

Makes it easy to visualize, review and approve data

The most commonly used EAM/CMMS solutions on the market do not provide their uses with the ability to visualize their asset hierarchies effectively. A well-presented visual hierarchy can be a very powerful tool to ensure that your asset hierarchy is conforming to a standard. Guaranteeing that your asset hierarchy is aligned to a standard has many benefits including a better comprehension of your assets and operations. Read “Why you should standardize your asset hierarchy” for more information. Editing and reviewing your data becomes easier with a data cleansing solution as some of them offer the ability to easily drag and drop to make changes. Changes can also be made in batches if you are mass editing an asset. For example, if you’re changing the names of many smaller parts in your asset hierarchy, you can make the changes all at once.


Makes it easy to validate data and load efficiently into the EAM

As mentioned earlier, you can visualize the data in your EAM/CMMS which makes it simple to validate the accuracy of your data. A visual hierarchy would make cross-checking your asset data with your physical assets simpler and more efficient. A data cleansing solution would also support your efforts in an EAM migration. When you migrate to a new EAM system, you would need to reorganize the data in your EAM/CMMS first to prevent future problems from an unstable data foundation. After cleansing and reorganizing your data in preparation for an EAM migration, a data cleansing solution can facilitate the process of loading all the data into the new EAM. Batch importing and editing becomes easier than ever with the correct software saving you lots of time.


Makes it easy to manage and report on project progress

To manage and report on your project progress, you would have to have a way to visually see and track the progress bar of the tasks you have assigned others to do. A data cleansing solution with a visual interface will be the perfect solution. You can manage your asset data and project data all in one place.

NRX AssetHub as Your Data Cleansing Solution of Choice

NRX AssetHub’s data cleansing solution can offer the following benefits to your organization:

  1.  Visualize your asset hierarchy
  2. The ability to edit your hierarchy efficiently
  3.  The ability to generate reports immediately

NRX AssetHub is a software solution designed to help you manage the asset data and asset hierarchies in your EAM/CMMS systems. Download our asset hierarchy brochure or book a demo to get started. Our team will be happy to consult with you on your EAM/CMMS challenges and our solutions.


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