In the era of information technology and mass production, industries operate under a new umbrella of both opportunity and challenge. There’s an opportunity in selling to a rapidly growing consumer base as economies industrialize, while there’s a challenge in doing so as efficiently as possible. One of the ways to become more efficient in the face of this challenge is by pursuing a proper Bill of Materials (BOM) strategy. Here are several takeaways related to building maintenance BOM.


Correctly Identify Replacement Part Data

Any specific asset requiring upkeep can have its replacement parts identified accurately through maintenance BOMs. This makes ordering the same parts for adequate stock simpler. Further, good BOMs are updated continuously so you can be sure that the data is accurately categorized and dated. Without BOMs, it can be challenging to organize your spare parts and figure out what’s needed and what’s unnecessary.

Bolster Wrench Time

When workers can quickly locate spare parts in a list, they reduce time looking for said parts. This increases wrench time and reduces downtime.  Workers won’t have to figure out which parts they need and how to find them since a good BOM will already have that data readily accessible and easy to decipher.


Efficient Maintenance Organization

In addition to providing information about replacement parts, EAM systems also contain data about when assets have to be maintained. This enables planners to schedule upkeep operations accordingly and employ a preventative strategy towards future maintenance. By scheduling maintenance proactively, warehouses can reduce downtime and increase revenue by preventing equipment deterioration.


How We Can Help

HubHead’s solutions can ensure that you can easily create accurate BOMs and help improve the quality of BOMs. We can do this by helping you create, edit, visualize, review and approve maintenance BOMs effectively. To learn more about how we can help you build better BOMs, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.


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