After reading the previous blogs, you understand the effects of BAD BOMs, and the BENEFITS of BOMs, now let’s look at how to build BoMs!

NRX AssetHub allows you to create, edit, visualize, review, and approve maintenance BOMs efficiently. Our solution is highly visual and allows for easy identification and selection of the parts required. Not only do we have everything that an efficient BOM building solution should include, but we also help you lower the cost of building better maintenance BOMs. In addition, we improve the quality of your existing BOMs.

By using AssetHub, you can copy and paste equipment and associated maintenance objects (including BOMs), so you can reuse BOMs for identical or similar equipment. AssetHub intelligently suggests appropriate BOMs for any given equipment. Using validation rules, you can ensure corporate standards and naming conventions are implemented accurately.

5 Ways NRX AssetHub Helps:

  1. Locate similar equipment with different BOMs to eliminate duplication and improve the quality of existing BOMs.
  2. Intelligent suggestions and recommended part matches speed the BOM-building process and eliminate duplicates.
  3. Copy/Paste and bulk changes to reuse existing BOM information for like or similar assets.
  4. Powerful reports provide transparency for the data build process, making it easy to monitor progress.
  5. Create exploded parts diagram for BOMs to choose parts visually.

If you would like to find out more about how NRX AssetHub can help you easily and efficiently manage and approve changes to your EAM master data, contact us or book a demo today!

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