Recipes are a great way to achieve a certain outcome through a thought-out, structured process. That delicious homestyle burger you ordered a week ago? The chef followed a recipe to make it – and it’s no different from a BoM. In essence, a BoM is an exhaustive list of raw materials and spare parts that, when properly utilized, produces a final product. This begs the question: How does one build a perfect BoM in the first place and how will it help my company?

A Closer Look at BoMs

On the surface, BoMs just look like a sheet filled with different parts and gadgets that are used to build something, but it goes deeper than that. Every BoM serves as its own hierarchical structure, breaking down into different levels and focusing on the most miniscule of details to ensure that a product is to be built and maintained properly and efficiently. With each material implemented into the bill, part numbers, manufacturer details, concise descriptions, and even short yet meaningful tags are established upon entry. A true recipe is formed, and it brings many benefits to the table.

With a BoM’s contents being so descriptive and expansive, organization and searchability is enhanced. In turn, this allows for technicians to find the parts they need faster and perform maintenance operations when they’re needed most. Additionally, it allows for great control and knowledge of warehouse inventory, preventing duplicate parts from being ordered and avoiding unnecessary expenditures from reorders. New materials for products can also be compared to older ones and an ability to estimate product costs becomes available. As a result, the extensive tracking and recording that goes into creating a solid BoM definitely pays off.

We Perfect Your BoMs

With the basics of BoMs being covered, it’s time to head into their fullest potential. With the services that NRX AssetHub provides, your entry-level BoMs can become so much more. Not only can we help build your BoMs by at least 50% faster, but the cost of them can be significantly reduced as well. We also make the entire process visual through interactive diagrams, allowing for easier maneuverability and increasing wrench time by 25%. Sound good? Want to get started building the perfect BoM? Then be sure to reach out and book a demo!

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