Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a crucial tool in evaluating the progress of goals set by businesses. They provide objective evidence that aids in decision making and planning for future projects. Ranging from measuring efficiency, to quality and resource utilization, the benefits of KPIs are ubiquitous and vital across all industries.

While it may seem that KPIs only serve to assess the physical or “real” elements of a business. They also mark the efficiency and quality of data as well. For an IT department this could include network availability or server growth rate. A software development company would want to measure the number of bugs found in-house, to determine the amount of preventative action required before a product is released to the public.

The same applies to EAM data. KPIs can be used to constantly evaluate the quality of data in your CMMS. Measuring aspects such as data completeness, accuracy and suitability will help create and maintain high quality EAM data. This ensures that inaccurate and incomplete data can be fixed and will thus no longer have an impact on the performance of your CMMS.

Understanding how invaluable KPIs are in EAM data is one thing. But looking at the potential benefits of KPIs is another. By setting a series of KPIs to track the process of cleansing your EAM data, you can identify the gaps and inaccuracies that may be hindering your company’s productivity. KPIs also help to pinpoint what areas of your solution are working, and which ones aren’t, thus allowing you to make more informed decisions to increase the efficiency of your CMMS in the future.

How Can NRX Help?

We help our customers become top performers in their industries through achieving excellence in operations and maintenance. We do this by providing them with the technology, consulting and training they require to vastly improve the quality, accessibility and control of their foundational asset and maintenance data. Our services allow customers to easily visualize and measure the progress of their data cleansing through intuitive dashboards and summary tables configured around their specific KPIs.

For more information on the benefits of KPIs and other tools that can be used to help in cleaning your EAM data, take a look at our Cleansing Solution eBook or Contact us to learn more!

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