Last week we released a blog on the Effects of Poor Maintenance BoMs. To read that blog, click the button below.

Just to refresh your memory, poor maintenance BoMs can cause difficulty in identifying correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work orders. It can also waste time and increase costs.

Although it may take an initial investment of time and effort to build accurate BoMs, they are extremely beneficial.

What are the benefits of accurate BoMs?

Quickly identify the correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work orders:

For any business, time is money especially for asset-intensive companies. Building better maintenance BoMs can help maintenance personnel save time by being able to identify required parts for a work order.

Less Misordered parts:

Misordered parts are expensive.  Return and restocking charges add up.   Even worse are parts sitting under someone’s desk that aren’t logged into inventory and never get used.   Rush orders to get the right part quickly are also expensive.

Less downtime and lost revenue:

But the big cost is downtime when work can’t be completed because the right parts weren’t ordered.  No one wants to lose revenue because they didn’t order the correct parts.

So BoMs can reduce downtime, increase wrench time, minimize mis-ordered parts and significantly reduce maintenance planning time. That’s why a typical BoM building project has a large ROI with payback in under a year.

Building accurate maintenance BoMs has a large ROI for your business!

Find out how NRX AssetHub can help you build BOMs efficiently.

To learn more, click on the button below to read a case study written by ARC on how NRX AssetVisualizer improved oil platform maintenance.

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