A well-implemented EAM/CMMS is critical to providing your business with efficient work management, planning, maintenance operations, and overall productivity. However, many businesses don’t use their EAM/CMMS to its fullest potential. They need to figure out why they are not getting the performance they want or how to identify areas needing improvement effectively.

HubHead’s benchmarking services offer solutions to the all too important and challenging issue of dissatisfactory EAM/CMMS performance. Our team of professionals can help you locate the root causes of EAM/CMMS issues, benchmark your data against internal standards and external industry best practices, and use your business’ personalized benchmark to provide you with the necessary facts and information to begin fixing your data.

 Locating the causes and sources of inadequacy in your EAM/CMMS system

HubHead’s benchmarking services can get to the root causes of inadequacies and areas for improvement within your EAM/CMMS. If you are still trying to identify areas to improve maintenance effectiveness, areas to save money, and areas to increase productivity, benchmarking is the smartest first step in finding your personalized solution. Our benchmarking services identify these sources of inadequacy and help you fix what matters most, as diagnosis and determination of your EAM/CMMS shortcomings are critical before you start working towards cleansing your data.


Benchmarking your EAM/CMMS system internally and externally

We apply the principles of internal and external benchmarking by making informative comparisons between your EAM/CMMS data and industry standards, as well as comparisons to your business’s internal standards. Internal comparisons inform you of your EAM/CMMS areas for improvement to keep up with the rest of your business and its internal standards. In contrast, external comparisons help you to ensure your business matches or exceed industry best practices to put you ahead of the competition. These comparisons of performance metrics and actual EAM usage are key to further understanding issues and difficulties within your EAM/CMMS.


Using a benchmark to know where and how to start your data-fixing projects

At HubHead, we understand the significance of cost-benefit analysis and time management. Our benchmarking services do not end with problem diagnostics. We ensure that the found difficulties and issues are presented with the correct facts and markers to describe the critical path, project financial analysis, and cost-effectiveness of solutions. These markers ensure you understand which areas to invest in to make the most significant impact on your business, fixing what matters most.

Our benchmarking services will also identify the low-hanging fruit problems with simple fixes. Our team of experienced professionals has the skillset to analyze your benchmark results and provide you with the facts necessary to convince IT and management that you have a comprehensive plan for improvement that will give your business a return on investment.



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