Maintenance planning teams are a vital part of asset-intensive organizations, especially for capital build projects. The team is responsible for capturing, organizing, and managing large amounts of complex data related to the project. The data for their assets include EAM attributes, engineering documents, operating specifications, spare parts list, maintenance guides, and parts catalogues, to name a few. The success of maintenance operations is dependant on the state of the asset and maintenance master data being used. Therefore, making sure the asset and maintenance data is up to date is of high importance.

Having to manage all this data is not an easy task. It becomes even harder to do without a productivity tool or accurate data. Capital build projects usually take a long time to complete and have multiple groups submitting different data. The data from all these different groups is typically sent in different formats including books, files, or spreadsheets. Manipulating complex asset and maintenance data in spreadsheets is a herculean task. Importing complex data from different formats into an EAM or CMMS system is a complicated process.

For example, if one team sends asset data in a spreadsheet, chances are the data may contain inaccuracies due to the lack of efficiency and effectiveness with spreadsheets. These gaps are almost impossible to detect in huge complex spreadsheets. This is the same asset and maintenance data that will be used for maintenance strategizing, spare parts inventories, and so on. If this data is inaccurate or has gaps, maintenance operations will likely be inefficient.

Incomplete data = poor maintenance

Asset data is hardly ever static. Data is always changing as new assets are added and old assets are retired. It is important to keep up with any changes in engineering and spare parts replacement. Keeping up with the dynamic aspects of asset data is a complex process and requires high coordination. Information comes from several sources and synthesizing data into a cohesive format and ensuring accuracy is imperative for optimal performance of your EAM system and successfully executing maintenance procedures. The NRX AssetHub solution will help you make sure there are no holes in your asset and maintenance data before moving to a new EAM or CMMS system. If you would like to learn more about our solution, don’t hesitate to book a demo and our team would be happy to help!

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