An organized asset hierarchy is a powerful tool to assist you and your organization in daily tasks. Checking that your asset hierarchy doesn’t yet meet standards can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for, but don’t worry! We have a small checklist of items that an asset hierarchy should adhere to. If you’re interested in part one of this blog, read “Asset Hierarchy Recommendations and Fixes”


Can You Drill Down to the Lowest Maintainable Level?

Writing and executing maintenance work for the lowest level that needs it is more cost and time efficient! Ask yourself, can I, for a piece of equipment, drill down to the smallest piece that can be maintained in my asset hierarchy? Drilling down to the lowest maintainable piece of equipment is so you can practice effective work order management. You don’t want assets or parts that don’t require maintenance cluttering up your EAM/CMMS system.


Is Everything Categorized Correctly?

To navigate through thousands of assets efficiently, you must simplify and organize them into different categories. It can be challenging for present and future users of your EAM/CMMS solution to browse the management software easily if the equipment needs to be categorized. Use the categories that make the most sense to your organization if you need a starting point.


Is the Hierarchy Suitable to Perform a Criticality Analysis? 

Proactive maintenance is important to keep your equipment in top condition and to avoid a breakdown when it’s crucial for your bottom line that your equipment keeps running. Therefore, your hierarchy needs to be suitable to perform a criticality analysis to rate your equipment’s potential for failure and the consequences of failure. The criticality analysis can identify when and if you must schedule regular maintenance for your assets.


NRX AssetHub for Asset Hierarchy Organization 

After reading through this article, do you notice any warning signs that your asset hierarchy desperately needs a fix? NRX AssetHub, helps all asset-intensive businesses restructure their asset hierarchies and, by extension, EAM/CMMS solutions for success. We can help you achieve high-quality asset and maintenance data for your current EAM/CMMS solutions or help you migrate to a new system if you decide to move. If you would like to learn more about us, you can download one of our brochures or book a demo, and our team will walk you through our solution and how it can improve your EAM/CMMS experience


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