If your organization uses an EAM/CMMS solution to manage your assets, chances are you want the software to do its job. However, it isn’t easy to achieve the full benefits of your software solution without accurate and complete data about your assets and maintenance routines in your EAM/CMM system. Therefore, a strong asset hierarchy foundation is important for safe and reliable operations.


Time Management 

True operational efficiency can only be achieved with the time-saving abilities of an organized asset hierarchy in your EAM/CMMS. Time management will be more difficult with unreliable asset data because you will be wasting time searching for basic details that should already be available in your EAM/CMMS. If basic model information and serial number are missing – that’s a trip down to the plant or the field to find it. If you need essential documentation and can’t find it, you must look around for the papers or in other systems, but chances are it’s buried deep somewhere. So, ensure you have all the important information recorded in your EAM, or it’s another trip into the field if you find something missing.



Wasted time can also equal extra costs for you if it takes too long to find the information you need and you create a bottleneck in your work process. It can also be increased costs when you over-maintain your equipment or increased failure costs if you under-maintain your equipment. Toeing the fine line between over-maintenance and under-maintenance of your equipment can be challenging if you don’t have an accurate record of failures and the ability to analyze the severity of the risk of failure for your equipment, so keep an accurate and updated asset hierarchy! It can help with performing a criticality analysis and tracking failure data.


Risk and Failure Management 

With past failure data, you can make smart and informed interventions to improve the safety and reliability of your operations. You also become unable to manage risks because you need a clear view of your operation within your EAM, and you’re left guessing at what needs to be fixed or improved, leading to an increased risk of failures. Planning also becomes problematic, and a lot of times, you will be accumulating extra costs when you constantly wait for parts or labour to become available to you when your maintenance is scheduled at the last minute.


NRX AssetHub for a Strong Data Foundation 

To realize the full benefits of your EAM/CMMS, you want to ensure a strong asset data foundation. If you need help reorganizing your asset hierarchy to achieve a strong data foundation, we can help! NRX AssetHub is a software solution dedicated to helping asset-intensive companies maintain a high-quality EAM/CMMS system. We provide information on solutions for all aspects of your EAM/CMMS system. Book a demo or download one of our brochures if you need help figuring out where to start.


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