As the Christmas season fast approaches, you may find yourself dashing through the snow in search of a tree to decorate with your family. It’s picturesque; loved ones huddled around the fire as it sparks in the background. In many ways, the way your EAM data is organized is quite like this tree; hierarchies act as branches that extend from the core of your maintenance operations. Why not also give it some love during the holiday season?

Year-end is prime time for asset-intensive companies when it comes to scheduled maintenance. It can also be the perfect opportunity to assess the organization of your data and asset hierarchies and figure out what needs to be done in the new year. Whether you are a well-established company in need of an overhaul or looking for some insight on how to build a great hierarchy, here are some ideas that will point you in the right direction.

Put Some Thought into It:

It may be tempting to borrow hierarchal asset structures from other plants or companies in similar industries, however, their solution may harm you more than it will help. Think about how you want to organize your assets, and does it logically make sense to you? Can you follow it down to the end and understand how it works?

Look for obvious groups of assets, these could be as big as by location or by plant, or as specific as equipment types and models. This will help with creating a “skeleton” structure; a rough outline that you’ll be able to fulfil as you go. You can also start by grouping them by the manufacturer, power consumption ratings or other finer details. A good EAM data solution, such as NRX AssetHub, has all the necessary capabilities to help you get started.

Keep an Eye on It:

If you’ve just planned out a hierarchy structure, or want to improve the one you already have, monitoring its performance is one of the most important tools you have. Get reports based off of KPIs that you’ve set regarding maintenance, efficiency and wrench time. Determine what areas in your operations are improving and if any, which ones are getting worse. Consult with your employees; getting a well-rounded perspective on the constant state of your hierarchy will make it easier to make changes. Don’t forget that re-working and tweaking your organization is essential to ensure it doesn’t lead to bigger, more expensive problems in the future.

Establish Room for Improvement:

Once you have an idea of what changes need to be made, assign deadlines and keep on top of them. As mentioned before, a good time to investigate is right before the holiday season; this will give you the chance to conduct a holistic evaluation of your asset data structure, consult with your staff, identify avenues of growth and ultimately assign relevant goals for the new year.

How We Can Help:

NRX AssetHub is a data software solution that helps asset-intensive companies clean, organize and migrate their EAM or CMMS data. We help our clients create relevant asset hierarchies that comply with ISO and RDS-PP standards. If you would like to learn more about how we can help structure your data effectively, book a demo or contact us.

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