When migrating to a new EAM system, cleaning and organizing asset and maintenance master data can provide various benefits that ultimately helps you to optimize the performance of your maintenance organization. One of these benefits includes organizing the asset data for a successful APM analysis. If you fail to organize your asset data properly prior to a migration then you risk having an unsuccessful APM analysis. Like all software, APM software is only as good as the data that feeds it – garbage in – garbage out.   Below are some benefits of having complete well organized asset data to load into your APM software.

Improved Asset Reliability

APM provides various benefits including increasing your assets’ reliability through the monitoring of key metrics such as MTTF (Mean-Time-To-Failure). Asset reliability includes the capability of your assets’ longevity and how long it will last. APM can also improve your asset reliability to where it can significantly improve your equipment uptime by reducing the chance of failure. It can also improve the safety of your assets and prevent workers from being harmed. A lot of the benefits that come from improved asset reliability can help to increase productivity and ultimately increase profits.

Improved Asset Integrity

APM can also help to keep track of asset integrity. Asset integrity is how well an asset is able to perform while complying with EH&S standards. APM software can help to measure metrics such as asset availability for example. This metric measures the operational time of an asset to help you get a sense of how much downtime results from your assets. Through greater asset integrity your company will be able to improve the end quality of its products which ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction. Your assets will also require repairs less frequently and you will be able to lengthen your assets’ lifespan.

Improved Preventive Maintenance Strategy

One of the things that APM does is it improves your preventive maintenance strategy by providing targeted PM improvement areas and activities. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that an asset is performing optimally and helps prepare your company in case assets need repair. A successful PM strategy can help reduce unplanned downtime unlike reactive maintenance or maintenance that occurs in response to equipment failure.

How We Can Help

The benefits that APM can provide are worthwhile but they can only be reaped with good quality asset and maintenance master data that is organized effectively. If you want to implement APM software or want to ensure that your APM software is optimized in your migrated EAM system then you must ensure you have good quality asset and maintenance master data. Improving your asset and maintenance master data can help to optimize your new EAM system for APM analysis and other reliability initiatives.

We can help to cleanse, edit, de-duplicate and enrich your asset and maintenance data to ensure that it is ready for your new EAM system. To learn more, contact us or book a demo.

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