Whether you are building out a new asset or simply trying to reorganize your data, your organization may find it advantageous to align your asset hierarchy with an international standard. Whether it be ISO 14224, RDS-PP or KKS, there is a standard that is right for you!

What is the difference between the standards?

ISO 14224 is the standard of choice, for many oil and gas companies. This standard allows your company to better collect and exchange reliability and maintenance (RM) data for equipment in all facilities during the operational life cycle of your assets. The goal of ISO 14224 is to assess and improve equipment reliability and maintenance, which will ultimately reduce expensive asset downtime. But, not only are organizations in the oil and gas industries adopting this standard, but many other asset-intensive industries that depend on RM data efficiency are also choosing this standard as well!

Other standards that you could align your asset hierarchy with are RDS-PP and KKS. This is a classification system that will allow for systematic and accurate classification of all parts of a power generation plant. This identification system serves to identify sections of plants and items of equipment in any type of power plant according to task, type and location.

Why should you align your hierarchy with an international standard?

With ISO 14224, it will help with the consistency in data organization. This standard will indicate failure trends and strengthen decisions made on parts/equipment maintenance. It also enhances regulator trust and will improve decision making across the organization because assets structured in a hierarchy are easier to visualize and analyze.

RDS-PP or KKS will make planning and construction more efficient. It’ll also make maintenance a lot easier and more efficient as well. You will be able to compare reliability and financial performance across your generating portfolio. Additionally, if you are a supplier, you will be able to sell more parts and additional services such as condition monitoring, inspection and maintenance.

How can you align your asset hierarchy with these standards?

Our solution can help you easily align your asset hierarchy with ISO 14224, RDS-PP or KKS guidelines. You will be able to easily track the progress of the project and export data ready to load into an EAM, CMMS or RCM system.

We help our customers save at least 50% of the time and cost typically incurred preparing and validating data for ISO 14224, RDS-PP or KKS compliance.

For more information on ISO 14224, download our complete guide here.

For more information on RDS-PP or KKS, download our complete guide here.

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