Many asset intensive companies may find that they struggle with getting preventive maintenance (PM) right. Too little scheduled PMs may result into more problems, but too many may result into wasted resources, data management challenges and so forth. There is no doubt that PMs can be quite complex to wrap your head around. Not to mention, unoptimized and disorganized PMs makes it increasingly difficult to schedule effectively.

One of the next best solutions for optimizing preventive maintenance is AIoT. AIoT is when AI is combined with IoT infrastructure. This combination results in further enhanced and efficient IoT operations, data management, analytics and human-machine interactions. The main purpose of AIoT is to revamp IoT data, transforming it into more valuable and useful data. As meaningful data gets produced, businesses can take this data and turn it into insightful observations. Through this process, decision making processes are greatly improved.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Reduces unplanned downtime due to sudden equipment failure
  • Minimizes major repairs
  • Increases life expectancy of assets
  • Improves safety of manufacturing

While regularly scheduled PMs are important, there is such thing as too many scheduled PMs. The key to finding a balance is to gather accurate data on your assets. This is where AIoT comes in! The use case for data received in IoT will then be maximized by AI, as it receives data in real time from numerous connected devices. AIoT systems can predict equipment failures and shut down machinery to prevent accidents from occurring. As a result, workplace hazards are reduced and safety is ensured.

How We Can Help

NRX AssetHub is a software solution that integrates with your EAM or CMMS. By adopting the latest advances in IIoT with EAM compatibilities in mind, we help our clients get their data right. NRX focuses on configuration and cloud computing to ensure that our services are tailored to each of our customers and that their employees are able to manage their master data needs.

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