In the realm of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), advocating for improvement is often met with challenges. This blog explores the instrumental role of benchmarking in crafting a compelling case for EAM/CMMS enhancement, covering strategies for effective communication with management and IT, overcoming resistance to investment, and clarifying the complexity of EAM/CMMS systems and master data.

Communicating Impact to Management:

Benchmarking for Clarity: Discover how benchmarking provides clarity on the impact of EAM/CMMS issues. Explore strategies for communicating data-driven insights to management, illustrating the direct correlation between system inefficiencies and operational challenges.

Visualizing Business Impact: Benchmarked best practices unveil strategies for visualizing the business impact. Understand how successful organizations use benchmarks to quantify the financial and operational implications of EAM/CMMS issues, making a compelling case for improvement.

Clarifying Complexity to IT:

Illustrating System Complexity: Benchmarking sheds light on strategies for illustrating the complexity of EAM/CMMS systems. Explore how successful organizations use benchmarks to depict the intricacies involved, helping IT professionals understand the scope of improvement required.

Master Data Clarity: Discover benchmarked approaches to clarifying master data complexities. Understand how organizations use benchmarks to break down the intricacies of master data, ensuring that IT comprehends the magnitude of the improvements needed.


In the journey towards EAM/CMMS improvement, benchmarking serves as a persuasive ally. By effectively communicating the impact of issues to management, quantifying ROI, addressing cost concerns, and clarifying system complexities to IT, organizations can build a compelling case for transformative change.

How Can We Help You?

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