Today, June 14th, 2018 is the start of the 21st edition of the World Cup and I hope you’re just as excited as the HubHead team. Last time we saw a rollercoaster of events starting at the group stages, then to the host country being knocked out, all the way down to the finals. Now, where is this all going? Well, data. We love data and there’s tons of it when it comes to world competitions. Accurate data enables you to choose your score predictions based on previous years. Just as if it was your company’s EAM data, you want it to be flawless for a greater outcome.


Aside from all the data, we use such as scores, total goals, and team records, the teams themselves are utilizing extremely specific data to give themselves a competitive advantage on match day. In Brazil, only one team used the nitty-gritty data, and that was Germany. Their pre-match preparation was transformed by analytics. They analyzed player performance and measured key indicators like the number of touches, movement speeds and average possession time. In 2010, they set an objective to reduce their average possession time. Using this key data their average possession time in 2010 was 3.4 seconds and a couple years later in 2014, it was down to 1.1 seconds. For many, this was determined to be the key factor that allowed them to win the World Cup.


Accurate EAM Data

Now say Germany was your company, you too would want to analyze your data quality to optimize your company’s performance. Asset and maintenance data in your CMMS system can be difficult, and labor-intensive. Identifying gaps in your CMMS data during a data handover can be equally challenging. When data is inaccurate or incomplete, you cause an increase in inefficiencies as you will not be able to analyze the data to its fullest potential. As a company, you want to have absolute confidence that your data is populated with complete and accurate records of maintenance and asset-related data. High-quality, complete, and accurate EAM data is what NRX AssetHub is recognized for, and it aids customers to achieve efficiency from analytics. Thus, you too can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors as Germany did in 2014, enabling them to rise to the top.


How can you benefit

If you’re looking for your company’s data to be just as accurate as what you’re making your score predictions on, then we at HubHead can help. NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a scalable and simple to use software solution. Designed to help easily analyze data quality, quickly and easily identify inaccuracies, making the necessary adjustments while automating the cleansing process. It also gives customers the capability to create reusable standards for common data, prioritize data for adjustments based initially on maximizing ROI, and make bulk changes efficiently. Thus, allowing the job to get done faster, saving time and money. If you would like to find out more or speak to a qualified expert, we would love for you to get in touch!



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