We are our own worst critics. Many people tend to crack down on their actions and abilities when striving towards a goal of great value. Maybe this is to ensure the goal is achieved in the most efficient way possible, or maybe it’s just a way to partake in personal growth as milestones are reached throughout the process. Whatever the case, it’s human nature for us to critique ourselves in such a way that we are constantly setting ourselves up for success. Naturally, many business owners want their own companies to be successful, too, so they seek the tools to make this happen. For asset-intensive businesses, migrating EAM/CMMS systems may be necessary to take your company to the next level. However, as the process requires significant time and effort with no guaranteed results, many business owners are left asking one question: was my EAM migration successful?

Evaluating the Results

It’s important to realize that the only person who can honestly answer this question is you and the fellow maintenance technicians using the new EAM/CMMS system. This new system is the foundation for all the asset and maintenance master data your company has collected over the years. Determining whether the migration was a success is critical to all business operations. Using your judgment is essential in evaluating a new EAM/CMMS system – you know your business better than anyone else.


You want to look out for certain things when investigating the success of your EAM migration. These aspects generally refer to the benefits one should see when a functional EAM/CMMS system has been fully implemented. An improved workflow should quickly become noticeable, and operations should run as efficiently as possible. 


Workers should be comfortable using the new EAM/CMMS system, and reliability should be top-notch. The new system should be intuitive and easy to pick up for long-term use. Consequently, productivity should also be significantly boosted without spending extra time or resources. These are just a few indicators of many to look out for when deciding whether your EAM migration was successful or not.


How We Can Help

If you’ve found that you’re happy with your new EAM/CMMS system, but there’s still room for improvement, we can help. NRX AssetHub provides the solutions to quickly identify gaps and inadequacies in your asset and maintenance data while offering the services to fully enhance the functions of your new EAM/CMMS system. If you’re searching for success you can be confident in, feel free to reach out or book a demo with us for more!


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