Improving data quality is a cumbersome but important project that should be broken down into several prioritized steps. If your company has indicated that data quality is a cause of inefficiency to optimizing planning, maintenance, operations and engineering, then you will find value in reading last week’s blog, “5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Have for Improving your Data Quality in 2017.” Luckily, the advice doesn’t stop there and we have provided you with 5 additional goals to work towards in 2017.

1.      Align with best data management practices

Many companies in the oil and gas industry are choosing to align with ISO 14224 and ISO 15926. This helps them to structure their assets in a hierarchy that can be managed efficiency. Use the NRX Data Quality Report to measure compliance of your data against corporate standards.

2.      Make it Easier to Plan and Schedule Maintenance

Many companies we work with struggle with disorganized maintenance management. The wrench time of planners and technicians in most industries is less than 40% as these professionals will spend large chunks of their day locating and verifying the information needed to do their jobs. Aim to improve internal communication by utilizing NRX AssetHub to allow for well-defined work tasks and maintenance plans. One solution this software will provide you is the prioritization of maintenance tasks to categorize your assets based on criticality.

3.      Improve the Efficiency of your Maintenance BOM Building Process

Bills of materials for maintenance are typically tedious to create and update. Improving the efficiency of your BOM creation process, will increase the wrench time of your maintenance employees. It is imperative that your professionals are spending their time doing the work that they are highly skilled to do. With NRX AssetHub our clients can copy and paste equipment, build assembly BOMS, and optimize spare parts inventory to increase wrench time by at least 25%.

4.      Replace your Legacy EAM System

Operating an EAM system that is no longer supported by the parent company it is unfortunately very expensive to upkeep. If your company is this position you more than likely have hired contractors to customize programming updates. This is not a permanent solution and over time you will have to switch to a new CMMS system for improved data quality and cost savings. Most companies choose to switch to IBM Maximo or SAP and NRX AssetHub can help you maintain the integrity of your legacy data as you make the transfer.

5.      Stop Using Excel Files to Store your Master Data

Storing data in excel files may have worked when your business was just starting operations, but excel is not a practical place to store your master data. Finding and making changes to assets in excel can be a nightmare because it is very hard to visualize the asset data when they are in vast rows and columns. If you are experiencing problems like this, then we challenge you to make 2017 the year you make the switch to a CMMS software.  

Analyze how you are currently managing your data and implement the goals that apply to your business. At NRX we understand that no two companies manage their data alike so we provide a solution that can be customized for your needs. Visit our website today to learn more about our world class software solutions.

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