Some of the ways poor quality BOMs can impact the business include: difficulty identifying parts, inappropriate orders of maintenance parts, and delayed upkeep requests. In effect, these occurrences can impact corporate efficiency and production targets.

A BOM will help revamp your company’s maintenance strategy by decreasing downtime and increasing wrench time when done correctly. In addition, a BOM building project usually has a significant return on investment as efficiency increases.

To enjoy the benefits of building BOMs, it must be done correctly. Here are four important methods you can use to improve BOM quality.


Time to Freshen Up – Clean Your Data

First, if your materials’ data is littered with duplicates, your system will be cluttered with confusing information. In this case, it becomes harder to identify correct parts and complete work orders quickly. Eventually, this will impact wrench time as users navigate through outdated data – which is especially problematic for asset-intensive businesses.

No More Spreadsheets

Second, many asset-intensive companies store their materials data in a spreadsheet to be later transferred into an EAM system. Many third-party contractors also use spreadsheets to build BoMs for their clients. The problem with spreadsheets is that they lack key tools to process complex materials data. Moreover, these features, such as intelligent searching, SKU matching, and visualizing data, are integral to interpreting materials data.


Reuse Existing BOM Data

Next, reusing existing BOMs of similar equipment can help reduce the chance of accumulating duplicates in the system. Intelligent searching and SKU matching helps easily do this. When adding new equipment, your system should search for any similar BOMs available, therefore limiting the possibility of maintenance staff accidentally creating duplicates.


Proper Organization

Last, the organization of your BOMs may be the most underrated method to improving its quality and efficacy. Unlike spreadsheets, as we’ve discussed, BOMs are loaded with critical tools that help categorize, visualize, edit, and review data. These tools are specifically designed to interpret materials data to make it as intuitive as possible.


How We Can Help You

Our solutions help companies easily edit, visualize, review, and approve BOMs to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your new EAM system. If you would like to learn more about NRX AssetHub, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you!

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