It’s important to follow several key considerations before adopting a new EAM/CMMS system and deploying it to maintenance professionals. Here are several essential MUST DO’s during this transition. 

Test and Verify, Before and After

During an EAM migration, your top priority is ensuring that asset and maintenance master data are safely transferred into the new system. Doing so can help pinpoint specific problems during the transition without compromising the data. In addition, they are making time to test and verify master data before and after the migration to make sure that all of your maintainable items are accurately organized in the new EAM/CMMS system.


Transferring Adequate Quality Asset and Maintenance Master Data

When poor quality asset and maintenance master data is loaded into your new EAM system, you will not be able to reap the new system’s benefits fully. Instead, you will transfer over all past issues from the old system and perhaps even amplify them further. The system after migration will only be as good as the data you import. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your asset and maintenance data is reviewed for quality and accuracy prior to migrating. 


Seek Expertise from Professionals

Involving maintenance and reliability experts who understand asset and maintenance master data is beneficial. Experts need to have a clear understanding of both the source system and its master data structures and the new EAM system and its master data structures. Consultants deploying a new ERP or EAM system typically don’t have these skills. Many companies may underestimate the work that goes into migrating EAM asset and maintenance master data and the time and planning it takes to execute it properly.


Establish Asset Hierarchy Standards 

Adopting a new standard for your asset hierarchy after assets have already been loaded into your new EAM system is difficult and labour intensive. This is why migration is the perfect time to adopt an asset hierarchy standard. Adopting an asset hierarchy based on an international standard such as ISO-14224, RDS-PP or KKS is beneficial. Many future maintenance and reliability initiatives like automated scheduling, asset performance management (APM), condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, and digital twins rely on a well-organized process-oriented asset hierarchy.


How We Can Help

HubHead’sHubHead’s solutions and services can efficiently help you improve and migrate your EAM asset and maintenance master data. Contact us to find out more.


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