The key to organizational success is constant improvement. There are always ways for companies to better serve their customers, cater to the market, and grow their client base. Asset-intensive companies rely heavily on asset and maintenance data management. Therefore, this becomes a core function that ensures the efficient and effective functioning of an asset-intensive business. This blog will break down the keys to successful asset and maintenance data management into three main points.

1) Data will always be the heart of any and every asset-intensive business. Having a robust data foundation will be the first building block to ensure high-quality data. An in-depth, detailed perspective of your data is essential not just for maintenance personnel but also for all departments. A strong and effective data foundation will include the following:

    • Nurturing accurate and high-quality data
    • A solid governance structure

2) Being proactive rather than reactive with your asset and maintenance data will make a world of difference for your company. Living in an ever-changing digital world means that every new technological advancement is packaged with a unique set of risks. Being proactive with your data will not only safeguard the quality of your data but also save your company more money as opposed to waiting to react to a problem.

3) To correctly manage your asset and maintenance data, you need to access relevant information at any time, anywhere. With that being said, you will want to avoid data silos and ensure the data is seamlessly integrated. This is where cloud-computing becomes extremely useful. Many data solutions offer a cloud-based system, allowing its users to access information, stored on servers, from any location. Valuable information should be accessible across the entire organization. This encourages collaboration between departments, rather than pieces of information being isolated. Gone are the days where data is stored in only one place. Backing up your data on off-site servers reduces the chances of lost data, because it can easily be accessed and recovered.

Connect the dots

Investing in technology is only half the battle. Companies must know how to apply software solutions to meet organizational goals effectively. Asset-intensive companies are data-driven; ensuring your asset data management procedures are up to par is key to success.

NRX AssetHub’s solution can help you better organize your company’s asset and maintenance data. Our software allows customers to easily edit, visualize, review, and approve data to ensure accuracy and increase the efficiency of your EAM/CMMS system or your Bill of Materials. If you are curious about our solution, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you!

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