Do you believe time is money? We help our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% by making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find information. Earlier this week we introduced 3 of the most common wrench time wasters, one of the big ones being time wasted while looking for documentation. This article will now go on to discuss several ways in which your company can increase wrench time for increased maintenance productivity, and thus how your company can make more money.

How to Reduce Maintenance Backlog

Most asset-intensive companies struggle with a backlog of work orders and inconsistency in prioritization. The best solution is to automatically assign the correct priority to notifications based on user selections. This will significantly reduce maintenance backlog attributed to over-prioritized maintenance notifications. Once the backlog issues are solved, companies can move towards preventive maintenance which is drastically more cost effective than reactive maintenance.

How to Efficiently Process Work Orders

When work orders contain all the required information the work can be completed efficiently and effectively. Encourage maintenance workers to complete critical steps while entering data into work orders. This can be done by implementing a wizard-driven interface to your SAP PM system that requires data to be completed as desired. Customize the data interface so that it will guide technicians through a series of questions, collecting critical data, and pulling key information.

How to Improve the Quality of Historical Data

If planners and technicians cannot trust the quality of the CMMS and MRO Supply Chain data, they may spend as much as 30% to 40% of their day locating and verifying the information they need to do their jobs. Data from previous jobs needs to be correct, complete, specific, and available for reliability analysis. Ideally, technicians should be held accountable to fill in data correctly and close out the work order so that it will be useful for future jobs. With a simple data entry system, you will save on costs for SAP PM training, increase data accuracy and completeness, and free up technicians to focus on maintenance.

How NRX Maintenance Mentor Can Help Increase Wrench Time

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps our customers ensure that the data included in a notification is complete, accurate, and informative. NRX Maintenance Mentor provides an easy-to-use front end to SAP Plant Maintenance.  Our customers use NRX Maintenance Mentor to guide their maintenance technicians through a series of questions, collecting detailed information, and populating data where required. Find out more about NRX Maintenance Mentor here.

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