Businesses face the ever-growing pressure of improving efficiency and reliability while reducing operating costs. To do so, many turn to tools and methodologies that maximize the performance of their existing resources. Complying with standards, like ISO 14224, has been a powerful factor for industry leaders to accelerate their asset performance. Here are some reasons why you should also care about using ISO 14224 standards in your EAM/CMMS.

Provides Consistency in Data

When it comes to data, consistency is vital. For instance, if you have a pump that is found within different parts of a plant, the same pump should appear on the same level of the asset hierarchy in your EAM/CMMS for all users, plants, and business units. However, this is not always the case; sometimes businesses have yet to set proper standards so similar objects end up in different places and subsections in the hierarchy. This makes it difficult to find assets and perform maintenance analysis – however, ISO 14224 eliminates these inconsistencies.


Improves Auditor/Regulator Trust

Regulators and/or auditors trust systems with standards. Standards allow them to access data efficiently on an EAM system during compliance processes. Thanks to ISO 14224, supporting information is readily available so all of their questions can be answered without delay.


Reduces Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned downtime is expensive. These are some estimated costs industries have with unplanned downtime.

By standardizing EAM/CMMS data, organizations can offset unplanned downtime since they would have the necessary information to build effective KPIs and improve repair and maintenance (RM) performance.


Offers Many Benefits for Management

ISO 14224 provides many benefits for management. For example, HubHead has found that companies who adopted this standard experienced these benefits:

– Optimized life cycle costs with reduced insurance costs

– Increased preventative maintenance in comparison to corrective maintenance

– Extended lifetime on capital

– Improved personnel safety

– Reduced environmental impact


Start Your Journey to a Better EAM/CMMS System

Often, organizations need help to diagnose issues in their EAM/CMMS standards. To know how well your EAM/CMMS system performs, you should check out HubHead’s benchmarking services. We can provide you with experienced consultants to evaluate your EAM/CMMS. Get started on your journey to a better EAM/CMMS system by downloading our brochure or booking a meeting; we would be glad to assist you!

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