Data cleansing is the process by which inaccurate and irrelevant parts of a dataset are identified and removed to be replaced by more accurate and relevant information.  In Enterprise Asset Management, a materials data cleanse is not just a good idea but is very helpful for spare part management so that maintenance workers can quickly and efficiently determine which materials are required to repair equipment. Below are several more ways in which materials data cleansing can help your employees find spare parts.

Spare Part Prioritization

Not only is it important to have accurate spare parts data, but you must be able to prioritize the necessary spare parts based on how critical they are to your operations. Knowing exactly where spare parts are being used can help you figure out which ones are more important than others. A material cleansing makes it easier to ensure you have the correct stocking strategy to ensure smooth operations and that expensive critical parts can be shared across your operations.

Classifying Parts

If parts are accurately named and described in a consistent manner in your EAM/CMMS solution, maintenance workers can easily understand what they are whether they are needed to repair or maintain equipment. Frequently, many companies don’t have any standard for naming their parts at all. They do not classify parts by type, which makes them very difficult to find in the EAM/CMMS and results in misordered parts and delayed work orders. Even if classification systems are in place, they may not be intuitive to all employees. In other words, the system maker may be able to find parts using the system, but it may not be as intuitive and easy for other planners and workers especially new employees.

Difficulty Searching for Spare Parts in EAM/CMMS Solutions

In many EAM/CMMS solutions you cannot filter and find existing parts easily and intuitively. A good solution will let you filter and find parts using exact keywords, but it will help you find matches that are close to the keywords that are searched. It will also have an in-depth filtering system that allows you to find close matches by selecting detailed characteristics about the desired type of part.

Accurate BOMs

Having accurate and uptodate BOMs helps workers quickly identify the materials needed for a specific work order or piece of equipment. Having an exploded parts diagram to go along with these BOMs makes maintenance workers’ jobs substantially easier as they can choose parts visually.


Cleansing spare parts data provides a large number of benefits in the context of EAM in terms of finding spare parts and completing work orders efficiently and quickly. To learn more about a how we can help you with a spare parts data cleanse please contact us.

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