When companies need to order parts to keep their maintenance teams stocked, users usually have to find vendor maintenance documents or spare parts lists to figure out what’s needed. There are many challenges with this approach. However, if you’re willing to invest a little time, building better maintenance BOMs can have many benefits.

Advantages of Building Accurate BOMs


  1. Easily Schedule and Complete Work Orders


Improving production efficiency is one of the cornerstones of realizing revenue increases. This is especially true for asset-intensive companies where every moment is on the dollar. By building better maintenance BOMs, users can help maintenance personnel save valuable time by identifying specific spare parts faster for work orders.


  1. Reducing Duplicate Costs


We know that duplicate parts can get added to your EAM/CMMS system when users have trouble finding the part they are looking for in the system. With an even better BOM, users should be able to find the part they need in the system quickly. This avoids unnecessary requests to create new duplicate materials in your system. When fewer duplicates are created, time and money are saved.


  1. Following BOM-Building Progress


Any efficient project run by your company should have appropriate oversight. Managers should be able to oversee, review and report on the progress of your BOM building project. Easy oversight results in decreased service fees and leads to high-quality, on-time deliverables.


How We Can Help


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