It’s time to migrate to a new EAM/CMMS system. Although the product can potentially yield significant ROI, migrations require careful planning and coordination to be worth it ultimately. When migrating to a new EAM/CMMS system, you must carefully consider the asset data you’ll be transferring to avoid future complications.  Some of the significant challenges associated with EAM migrations listed below are worth considering before settling on a migration plan.

Get Ready for the Worst

Murphy’s Law stipulates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When considering the amount of data at stake and the aspect of human error, this holds more than ever. Without proper planning, an EAM migration could be risky as there are chances of delays or corrupted data, which could negatively impact the effectiveness of the new system. EAM migrations should be planned well in advance of execution to circumvent this with adequate time for data preparation. In doing so, adhering to deadlines and ensuring asset data is transferred successfully without corruption or loss is much more achievable. 


Prepare for Change

There will be new and ongoing changes with asset data that need to be updated frequently during the migration period. For instance, when you switch systems, there may be a new set of data related to an ongoing project that is now in between two different systems. If not updated, this floating data can get lost, and your asset data becomes inconsistent with gaps.


Understand Your New System

Another challenge is determining whether the new EAM/CMMS system has new requirements that need to be addressed from a data perspective. Therefore, understanding your new system before the migration period is an important stepping stone as it’ll determine whether the asset and maintenance master data loaded into the system is fit for purpose. 


How NRX AssetHub Can Help You 

A successful EAM migration can help an organization achieve better maintenance processes during operations. If you are planning an EAM migration and are concerned about how you’re going to migrate all of your asset and maintenance master data, feel free to book a demo so our team can help make your transition as streamlined as possible.


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