Maintenance BOMs display data intuitively so users can locate which spare parts are needed for different assets in a facility. However, this is only effective if the maintenance BOMs used are accurate. Otherwise, the process can complicate itself, with users languishing in unnecessary upkeep problems.

Moreover, it’s crucial users can identify inaccuracies when they’ve been entered to curb these discrepancies from becoming lingering problems. Here are a few ways to identify inaccuracies.

Duplicates and Obsolete Entries

Number 1 and most apparent to viewers that follow us, is duplicates. The occurrence of duplicates might seem like a simple oversight, but they can bring a remarkable decline in BOM accuracy if left on the books. They can appear when users encounter difficulty finding parts in the EAM system, sometimes due to poor descriptions. Users create additional entries instead of locating the original one. The more duplicate parts you have, the more disorganized your EAM system becomes, and the more costs associated with inventory inflate.

In addition, the occurrence of obsolete entries also provides a similar challenge for BOM users. Spare parts required for assets can often change; the same with those assets too! Therefore, obsolete entries must be taken with as much care as duplicate ones. Both can impede an intuitive display for maintenance workers and cause delays, incorrect orders, and mess up a warehouse’s inventory.


Outdated Spare Parts

EAM data quality can deteriorate over time and become inaccurate and/or incomplete if not kept up to date. When changes occur regarding your assets, it’s important to follow up with changes in your BOM data. Not doing so risks opening your BOMs to misinterpretation by users unaware of outdated information.


How We Can Help

HubHead can not only help you create accurate BOMs but can also help to improve the quality of existing BOMs. We can do this by helping you create, edit, visualize, review and approve maintenance BOMs effectively. To learn more about how we can help you build better BOMs, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.


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