With every new endeavour we embark on, there will always be the risk of failure. However, this is not a good enough reason to abort the mission. Otherwise, we would be stuck under the covers, never making any progress, and remaining stagnant.

There is much coordination and uncertainty that comes with an EAM Migration. You desperately need your company’s data to be better organized, but you are unsure of the correct steps to take or exactly how the new system will be configured.

SAP EAM system and its S/4HANA ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is used widely among asset-intensive companies. SAP EAM systems help companies better manage complex data and business processes. While several organizations may use SAP software or SAP S/4HANA to manage their asset data, your maintenance process before migrating into the system will determine how well your data will work for you. Keep reading to see how NRX AssetHub fits with the SAP solution.

Meeting performance standards

Data loss, decreased productivity, and configuration issues are some of the things that could occur with a failed EAM migration. Many of the risks associated with migrating your asset and maintenance data can be easily avoided with the use of effective tools ensuring your data is of the utmost quality and is available to employees at any given time.

A common risk for businesses is not meeting quarterly or yearly performance targets. Nowadays, companies across multiple industries religiously abide by data visualization. Why is this? What about visualizing your data is key to ensuring your data quality and smashing performance goals?

From words to pictures

The visual format you use to present your data is at your company’s discretion. It may be a graph, a chart, or a map. Such formats make it much easier to absorb complex data and are also pleasing to the human eye. Compare this to a disorganized collection of words and numbers or, even worse, an old-fashioned spreadsheet. Those do not sound appealing and will increase the likelihood of data mismanagement.

Visualizing your data also makes it much easier to identify trends. Some technologies may even point out the trend for you rather than having to manually extract that information. This also makes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easier to find and interpret. With accurate data at your fingertips, decision-making is not only simplified but will also yield better results and produce more efficiency. Additionally, human error becomes more or less obsolete with data visualization because seeing a clear image of required parts leaves no room for miscommunication or misinterpretation. Employees can interact with data in real-time and easily confirm the correct asset data needed without constantly double-checking, therefore avoiding confusion and delay.

The solution

NRX AssetHub serves as an add-on to EAM and CMMS systems, including solutions offered by SAP such as S/4HANA. If you use SAP software, SAP S/4HANA, or any other EAM or CMMS system, the NRX AssetHub solution offers a visualization feature that can be used to thoroughly review and analyze your data before making the switch. If you would like to learn how NRX AssetHub can help you manage your asset and maintenance data, reach out to our team to book a demo and we would be happy to help!

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